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Tourist Paths(Trails)

Trail for “Little- Cohárd”

Trail for “Likas”-peak

The trail can be reached from Step Pângăraşi came to saddle Niergheşi. From here we continue on your path leading to Vithovo blue stripe ?, and after 500m reach the blue dot trail headed towards NE, on a forest road through the forest and downhill to out of the woods, reaching Licas saddle.

Trail for Red Lake-Bicaz Gorge via Czifra saddle

We start from the large bridge in the center of the path that - in fact - is an easy walk. DN 12 / C and enter the forest road Bicajel, the latter largely corresponds to the old way of Surducului. After a moderate ascent of 800 meters we reach the back of Raza Soarelui Villa, where we have a beautiful view of the cliffs of Suhardul Mic, the Fairies Garden and the southern and south-eastern wall of Faget Ciuc.

We soon reach the Red Stone Saddle Orthodox Church, St. John the Baptist built recently. Up to this point triangle yellow markings, yellow line and red triangle had the same route. At the end of the ski slope red triangle on their way southeast to the right, the yellow line marking continues its way with the yellow triangle.

After entering the area Bicajel hamlet. Descend 700 meters, already being the county Neamt important to first turn of the road. Here the two trails split yellow line marking descends straight ahead on the almost impracticable road of the XVII Surducului Small, yellow triangle marking turns to the left, on the road north Vararilor. Continue on the eastern slope of Faget Ciuc, on the edge of the Flowers Clearing. We have 650 meters to saddle Czifra (1002). From here we can climb an unmarked path to the Maria Stone belvedere point. Poiana soon ends and the road enters the forest and comes under the western wall of Maria Stone, under the mountaineering routes "Tr. Virgin" and "The Final '67". This road is closed by the rock falls. We went down 15 minutes to DN 12 / C that gets into the Stone Gate and "Small coils". Distance from Red Lake resort is only 3 km. From the Stone Gate Bridge descend under former Edelweiss hut where the trail ends.

Trail for Tartar-peak- “Hagymás”-range

The road begins the trail from the Peak red line. Danţiaşul, tourist trail descends gradually to the White Clearing up. From here down to the intersection of the White Clearing tourism. From here we can continue on three directions: on the blue line marking through the valley of the Sheep arrive at Red Lake, blue dot leads us through Poiana Taus and Glade Paleu all Red Lake and the main ridge of the Hasmas Mountain, marked with Pângăraţi red line in the saddle. After 1 km reach the swampy clearing the road from Tunzerie. From here we continue ascent? To the Ciofronca and county road 125. Once we get a 1.5 km long descent we reach Vf. Calului, where we continue the road to Medias saddle.

From here the trail starts and the red cross, which by Covacipeter, Saratura Hill, Corner and the Black Mountain highes reached after approx. 6:00 went to spring Mures. Proceed down to the saddle after we reach the saddle Loduj Pângăraţi. We start from Pangarati, located 16 km east of Gheorgheni and 10 km west of Red Lake, along National Road 12 / C. On the ridge is parking and bus stop. From here we go north on DJ 125, the old road of Lapos. The road, at favorable practicable and drive to Poiana Vinkli. By saddle Deşelatului blue line and red line markings go together.

After a half hour ascent we reach the sheepfolds of Birch Ridge Chişhovoş strokes. Soon we pass several springs where we deserve to replenish water. From Pangarati up at the meeting point of several trails in the saddle Deşelatului is about an hour away. From here we can choose between three routes: to Poiana Vinkli blue stripe marks the main ridge Giurgeului the red line marking, passing through peak. Deşelatului and Step Ţengheler, Chiozrezul Mare leading up to the resort. Those who choose yellow cross Hagota reach. From left to take Nyerges N-V under Peak.

Harass reach an intersection after the red cross tourist mark, to the west, which leads to the peak. Prisca and town Gheorgheni.