Proiect finanțat în cadrul Programului Operațional Regional și co-finanțat de Uniunea Europeană prin Fondul European pentru Dezvoltare Regională


In the development of the specific flavors of the traditionally Szekler-Hungarian kitchen of Gyergyóthe cooking habits of the Armenian families of merchants settled centuries ago, and nevertheless of the Romanian population, have had a tremendous contribution. The traditional Hungarian recipes over time were complemented by the spices used by Armeniansand Romanians and there are cases when full recipes were included in the daily menu of the locals. A strongpoint of the local kitchen is given by the wide varieties of mushrooms and wild fruits found in the nearby forests, basic ingredients of everyday dishes.

Soups-main courses:

1. Noodles soup with“hurut” - chicken paprikash with dumplings, sweet salad;
2. "HurutosÁngádzsábur" soup - fried boletus with dumplings andcottage cheese;
3. Potato soup with tarragon- beef tongue "Vadas"-style;
4. Bean soup with tarragon - "Vetrece";
5. Transylvanian “ciorba”-Stuffed cabbage;
6. "Pojéka"soup –“Szekler” Goulash;
7. Chicken soup with prunes- chanterelle paprikash with tarragon and polenta ;
8. Salad soup with polenta of the haymaker - Meatballs (sirloin) with tarragon or tomato or potatosauce;
9. Cabbage soup - peppery stew;
10. Gooseberry soup - Trout in mais flour coat and garlic sauce;