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Joseni ( in Hungarian Gyergyóalfalu) is a commune in Harghita county, Romania. It is situated westwards 6 km from Gheorgheni. Borzont and Bucsin belongs to it. The Bekeny creek traverses the commune, which flows then into the Mureș river.

Brief History

For the first time it was mentioned as Gyargio in 1332. The original settlement was situated westwards from the present commune in the basin of Borzont. Between 1675 and 1678 the commune was an episcopal see, the tablet in the wall of the church treasures its memorial. Also in the wall of the church lies István pope's commemorative tablet, who in 1567 mobilised the people of Gheorgheni and Miercurea Ciuc against János Zsigmond's forces. After the victory by Tolvajos-tető the people started to go on the pilgrimage of Șumuleu, where the Cross of Joseni takes lead even today. In 1804 the commune was ravaged by a fire, it burned down even the roof of the church. In 1855, in 1858 and in 1902 the crown-fire repeated itself. Even in the 16th century there operated an upper elementary school, and also today has a secondary school. The commune is the coldest point of the country, there were measured several times temperatures below -30 centigrade degrees. Until the Peace Treaty of Trianon it belonged to the Gheorgheni district of Ciuc County. In 1996 it had 6037 inhabitants, predominantly Hungarians. Today it has 4957 inhabitants.

Tourist attractions

* According to the inscription on it, the church was built in 1213. Its vaulted portal was built in Romanesque style. In the 15th century it was rebuilt in Gothic style, then in 1766 in Baroque style. After the restauration in 1930, from its defensive wall it remained only a small part. In the garden of the church can be found the memorial of the victims of the First and Second World War, on the right from the entrance there is a flag base placed by the people of Joseni, who lived in 1942 in Budapest. Its inscription is the following: " Man keep that well in your heart, this land was always Székely and it will be forever."

Famous people

* Here was born Mikó Mihály, the Viceroy's magistrate in Ciuc district, important person of the revolution of 1848-49
* Here were born Márton Árpád and Sövér Elek famous painters
* Here was born Vargyas László puckster