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Horseback riding

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The whole region of Gheorgheni is a perfect ground for day rides, rallies, and for several day nomadic horseback riding.

Dynamic, but perfectly reliable horses are waiting for the guests during the trips; the horses are caparisoned with so called "english" saddle and bridle. Among the harness there is a saddlebag, which makes it possible to carry the accesories to be used (warm clothes, raincoat, camera, food) during the tour. In the course of the tour it is recommended to wear hiking boot and leggings; the wear of riding-boots is necessary only if during a shorter hiking it turns out to be comfortable. You don't need to be a professional rider, but to manage with the three spook-methods (tread, trot and gallop) is a condition of participation. Our region is one of the coldest areas in the Carpathian Basin, therefore it is essential the wear of layered warm clothes and raincoat.