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Skiing - ski pistes

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The tradition of skiing in our region goes back to the last century. At that time people who wanted to ski and enjoy his/herself, in comparision to today's technique, had elementary ski equipment. This sport became popular, and continuously there were constructed more and more ski pistes and ski-lifts with good quality.

At the territory of the Hășmaș, Gheorgheni and Gurgiu mountains we can find seven ski pistes at the present moment, most of them are not so long, but an average skier can find the best to his/her pretensions. On about half of the ski pistes operates a T-bar lift, on the other ones operates the so called "canine" ski-lift. On the ski pistes operates regular rescue service. Ski trainings are offered by the local program-organizing offices.

Ski pistes:

Bucin ski pist: Gurgiu Mountains

Bogdan ski pist: Gurgiu Mountains

Bucin Peak: Gurgiu Mountains - Bucin Peak

Drumul Roșu ski pist: Gurgiu Mountains - Ciumani

Izvorul Mureșului ski pist: Harghita Mountains - Izvorul Mureșului

Magasbükk ski pist: Gheorgheni Mountains - Gheorgheni

Raza Soarelui ski pist: Hășmașul Mountains - Lacul Roșu (The Red Lake)