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Ski touring

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In winter the tour paths of the Gurgiu and Hășmaș Mountains are covered with a thick snow-cover, creating perfect conditions for the more and more popular sport in the region, for ski touring. With skiis you can make a trip easily also in deep snow. Escaping from the crowd of ski runs and ski-lifts, you can discover new paths, not to mention the joy of the adventure.

With the help of the so called "seal skin", which you stick on the ski, and it is non-slipping, the modern ski equipments make it possible to proceed upwards on a slope; so you can "ski up" easily on ascensions, then you ski downhill on untouched snow surface.

Suitable amount of snow for ski touring covers the mountains from december to april, and due to the low gradients of the ridge, the danger for avalanche is minimal.

Several surrounding program-organizing offices offer ski tours, and their skimaster guides hold as demaded short training before the tour; so ski touring is recommended for beginners, as well.