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Rock climbing

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The region is one of the country's most important rock climbing area. The Lacul Roșu (Red Lake) - Cheile Bicazului can be considered a climbing-paradise. The cliffs were formed by mean time limestone, which as a result of cracks and hollows taken shape under the influence of erosion and tectonical movements, became a perfect rock climbing surfaces.

The rock climbing tradition of the area goes back in the beginning of the last century. At that time arrived some rock climbers to the country, who climbed up to the grand Piatra Altarului. In the next decades the number of the built up rock climbing roads were increasing more and more, the area of Lacul Roșu (The Red Lake) - Cheile Bicazului served as the place of several mountaineer races. This bustling rock climber life declined a little bit at the time of the centenary, today, however, it starts regaining its popularity again; evidence to this is that, in addition to the classic rock climbing roads there were built up numerous sport climbing roads ( around 100-120).

Most of the climbing routes are multi-pitch, classic climbing routes, to its climbing you need enough experience and many times climbing ladders, as well. The sport climbing routes of this area are shorter, 20-40 metres long, they vary from easier (6a) to very difficult (8c).