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Izvorul Mureșului

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Izvorul Mureșului (in Hungarian Marosfő) is a village in Harghita county, Romania.

It is a climatic resort situated southeastwards 23 km from Gheorgheni, 850 metres above sea level, on the hillsides of the Geréces mountain pass. Its name comes from the Mureș river, which takes its source from that area. Under the summit of the Fekete-Rez mountain, 1350 metres above sea level can be found one of its springs. In the marshy hydrological basin closed round by the Kovács Péter and the Sóvető creeks, 1418 metres above sea level can be found the source of the Olt river. Its Romanian name is the loan translation of the Hungarian.

Brief History

It is a sporadic settlement, its lower part is called Boták, and its middle part is called Tinkákszórványa. Its upper part is the health resort proper. It is a health and holiday resort with pistes and ski lifts for the young. Its Roman Catholic Church was built in 1998, and its old chapel is from 1930. Its Ortodox Church is in the middle part. In 1992 among its 801 inhabitants Hunagrian were 471 and Romanian were 329.