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Borzont (in Hungarian Borzont) is a settlement in Harghita county, Romania. It is a small village, 1 km from Joseni. Its area is large, it has large fields, but the village itself is very small. According to the population census returns in 2003, 796 inhabitants were kept in evidence in the village. As the population is small, therefor the number of the houses is also small, and varies day by day. Many people from Joseni moved there, because it is a silent and peacable settlement. The queue village lies in the basin of the Borzontul Mare creek, 10 km from Gheorgheni, along the 13B road, which leads to the Bucin peak, then to Praid ( the road is in a bad condition). In 1770 greek oriental people from Moldova were settled in the village. The distance between Gheorgheni and Praid is 51 km over the Bucin peak.

Brief History

Its name comes from the Borzont creek. Under the Bucin peak, near the old Sóút, at Borzontfo babbles a spring: in there takes its source the Borzont creek. Not so far from there, the Mureș river, the Borzontul Mic, the Alb creeks encircle a nature reserve rich in flora: the Nyires, which gradually rises towards the mountain chain. At the end of the last century many people moved to Borzont,which at that time looked like as a kind of farm. There wasn't any church, school, or market. At the time of the lumbering got the local inhabitants as much wood, as they could build a school-chapel. The village got separated from Joseni soon and by today it is independent.

In the village there are people skillful with their hands, who by today are famous carpenters and bricklayers. Most of them learned from the people from Ciumani, who are famous all over the world, mainly in woodwork. At the present there are 356 houses in Borzont, made by the craftsmen of the village. Many villager have workshop in private ownership.

Borzont has several associations, like the Gazda-kör (Farmer's Association), which was founded in 1999, in order to give farmers more information about sponsoring. An other association is the Firemen's Association, which name is Ö.T.A. ( V.F.O), namely Volunteer Firemen Organisation.


Borzont disposes of no private Mayor's Department. The matters of the village are managed by the Mayor's Department of Joseni. The village has two representatives, who do their best for it. There is a primary school, which is equipped with a computer laboratory. All these are due to Directress Kémenes Katalin. The school was built in 1959 thanks to Gaál Tamás reverend, which bears his name since 1998. The village has only one chapel, which was built in 1999, in the forest, in a place named Bariczok. The name of the chapel is "Magyarok Asszonya". Since the inauguration of the chapel, in every year it is organised a church festival, like the Szent István ( St Stephen) festival. This festival is held on the 20th of august. On the occasion of the millenium it was put up a millenium cross in the Bucin peak. The cross is 20 m high. In Borzont there is a Culture House, where several programmes are performed: marriages, plays, village gatherings, balls and farmer gatherings. This Culture House was built in the 90ies.