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Remetea (in Hungarian Gyergyóremete) is a commune in Harghita county, Romania. It is a commune centre, Sineu, Făgețel and Martonca belongs to it. It is situated 15 km from Gheorgheni northwestwards, near the Mureș river, united with Ditrău and Ciutac Sat. The name of the commune comes from fact, that a solitary built here for the first time a chapel ( a certain Kendeffy Bonifác, supposedly the secretary of Martinuzzi Fráter György), which basement walls can be seen even today in the cemetery.

Brief History

The first inhabitants came from Ditrău in the 16th century. In 1725 detached itself from Ditrău and Lăzarea, as an independent parish. Its late church was burnt to ashes by a thunderbolt, and in its place was built the present church in 1771. In 1892 and in 1898 the commune was ravaged by a fire, and in 1913 it was flooded. In 1910 there were 6207 inhabitants. Until the Peace Treaty of Trianon the commune belonged to Gheorgheni district of Ciuc County. In 1992 among its 6504 inhabitants 6470 were Hungarian and 34 Romanian.

Tourist attractions

* The church of the commune was built in 1771, but it obtained its terminal form at the beginning of the 1900ies.
* In the south part of the commune there was established a mineral water bath. It was eroded by the Mureș river and only after 1968 was usable again. By today it is completely eroded.
* In its folklore house can be seen ethnographic objects, and a gallery organised from the objects among Cseres Tibor's inheritance.

Famous people

* Here was born Bernád Imre, hero of the Revolution of 1848
* Here was born in 1882 Balás Jenő, mining engineer and the founder of the hungarian aluminium industry.
* Here was born in 1910 Ferenczi István, wood sculptor.
* Here spent his childhood Cseres Tibor author.
* Here was born in 1883 Balás Elek electoral campaign director, lawyer, government counsellor.